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Post  mr.rabbit on Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:31 am

Oh dear,I got my Nippy MOT tested and serviced ready for a ride with the National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club,last weekend.I took the bike out for a long and enjoyable road test around the lanes on Saturday and on Sunday loaded it onto the back of my Astra and with my long suffering mate Kevin set off for the start of the run at the Dover transport museum.We got there nice and early and were joined by about a dozen fellow enthusiasts with all sorts of small engined machines but as usual mine was the only Nippy.We were welcomed into the museum with a cup of tea and before the start we were able to look at all the exhibits.Come the start we given a route sheet and with the Nippy starting"just like that"we set off towards the edge of Dover and into the lanes towards Barham where we were to have lunch.A nice clear day and well wrapped up against the cold I was enjoying the ride when after about 4 miles we realized that we were missing a couple of riders,"don't worry" I said and turned round to look for them,after a mile or so I found them travelling very slowly with a misbehaving NSU Quickly.I escorted them back to where the rest had waited.We proceeded to pull the NSU to bits to try and solve his problem,to no avail.Kevin,meantime was comfortable in my car listening to the radio and reading his paper.We gave up with the NSU and Kevin offered to take the bike and rider back to base and then catch us up.Before loading up the Slow Quickly I went to start my Nippy and 'nothing doing',I cleaned the jet and plug and it started but then died.The other riders were getting a bit restless by now so they went off and we put the Nippy on the car and took the other rider back to his van and then followed the route to the lunch stop.Even with a non running bike we enjoyed the ride and the company.When I got home I cleaned the jet again and it has been running properly since.I suppose I will have to strip the fuel system and clean it out.Cheers for now Paul


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