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Naughty Nippy

Post  mr.rabbit on Sun Mar 20, 2011 3:34 am

When I last used my Nippy it died on me and has been left in the shed since.I cleaned the carburettor and took it for a test ride after about 3 miles without any trouble it stopped just outside my local,with some of my chums watching through the window(very embarrassing, I expect I shall be teased about that when I next visit the pub)I realised that the problem was probably caused by the condensor.I did not have a spare condensor but my rebuilt spare engine did have a new one in it,so I fitted that engine.It sounds like a big job but I have got it down to a fine art and it only takes me about half an hour.When I rebuilt this engine I slightly modified the ports, increased the compression ratio and balanced the crank so it is quite lively.Anyway,when I went for another test ride it went well and didn't stop so I hope it will behave when I use it for the next club run.Meantime my BS1 is due for an MOT test(why is it still called an MOT test?the Ministry Of transport was disbanded donkey's years ago)The bike has only needed a new battery to prepare it so I am hopeful of a good result.Hopefully Spring is on it's way and we can start riding our toys and looking forword to our day at the Mill.Bye for now Paul


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