Sunday at the Mill

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Sunday at the Mill

Post  mr.rabbit on Mon May 16, 2011 1:13 am

How do they do it?The club even arranged good weather for our meeting at the Willesborough Windmill,yesterday.I took along my Nippy and my BS1 and joined all the other Normans there.We had 4 Nippys,a few single cylinder motorcycles and more twins than have been together since the factory was running.At last I had the chance to natter to our President,Neville Norman,and met again some people who had worked at the factory.One bike on show brought back memories of local village fetes, when I was a kid.It was one of a group made at the Beaver Road works and lent to fete organisers,each of these bikes had at least one particular built-in feature that made it very difficult to ride.The bike on display yesterday had only half a handlebar and the front wheel was made with the hub out of centre so that when ridden the bike went up and down,one brave person had a go on it much to everyone's enjoyment.There were lots technical discussions about our machines and swapping of valuable spare parts going on.Then there was a presentation to our hard working editor to recognise his efforts for the club over the last 10 years(well deserved Gary)then we each had a piece of celebration cake.Altogether a great meeting,heres tilll the next one.Cheers Paul


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