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Freeze Spray

Post  wight-biker on Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:24 pm

Hi All. I thought I should share this gem with you all. When dismantling the next restoration project and you encounter the inevitable ceased bolt or maybe even a piston in a barrel etc, try these Freeze sprays that now seem to be available in aerosol. Idea
I think several different makers produce it. I bought two off eBay for about a tenner as I recall, marvelous! Can't recommend it enough. Well all else fails or you have something you don't want to damage forcing, give this a try. It has got me out of a few tricky situations. It was recommended to me by an old engineer friend who used it regularly. If you know about these already, I'm sorry but a number of my friends hadn't and they do seem to work.
Hope this helps, Paul.

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