B2 1952 Wheel Bearings

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B2 1952 Wheel Bearings

Post  B2 DK on Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:17 pm

Hallo, where can I buy some new wheel bearings?


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Re: B2 1952 Wheel Bearings

Post  CastrolR on Sat Sep 19, 2015 12:42 am

Hi there, any good bearing supplier will be able to help you out, eg simplybearings (google them) etc. Perhaps even without knocking one of the bearings out, you might be able to see some trace of the bearing code number etched on the edge of the bearing somewhere. If not, just get a good digital caliper if you dont have one and measure inner and outer diameters and the width. It could be a metric or imperial size, 1mm equals 40 thousandths of inch, you can calculate from there. Measuring your wheel spindle first will get you pretty close (to within a thou or so if its not too badly worn) to the inner diam. Many of the bearing websites have a 'finder' tool, enter the three sizes and the four digit code for the one you need will pop up. Choose 'normal' C2 clearance bearings . Suitable modern bearings may also be suffixed "2RS" meaning they have black 'rubber' seals on either side. Order these and leave them on if you are confident that nothing will chafe on the seals after installation. I don't know whether you have a 'stepped' or parallel sided spindle on this model, so knocking the spindle out (soft mallet!) may remove just the spindle or the spindle and one of the bearings. If it is parallel sided, bearing removing tools are available to get them out on ebay etc.

Hope this helps


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