Selling a load of Normans and parts... Nippys + Bicycles!

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Selling a load of Normans and parts... Nippys + Bicycles!

Post  dannyc7147 on Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:51 pm

We're having to have a mass clear out to make way for new projects, and whilst we're keeping our pride and joys, we're having to let go of some of the projects that I know we'll never get around to. All are Normans, and they aren't being advertised elsewhere yet as I REALLY need them to go to people that are serious about restoring them rather than their parts value. They are:-


1960(ish) gents roadster. Did have a respray several years ago but now in need of another. Complete, cable brake, late model Norman badged Raleigh built bike.

3 ladies Norman bikes. All three have nice stories to them and from memory all three are complete.


1962 Nippy frame, does have a few of the harder to find items attached to it, but missing an engine and fuel tank.

1962 Raleigh RM4 frame. Identical to the Nippy and missing an engine BUT has the fuel tank.

Big box of Moby engine parts. There are about enough parts for three complete engines including heads, pistons etc etc. Plenty to built up the engines for the above two and still have a load left over!

If anyone's interested in any of the above then feel free to email me or contact me through Gary! Photos can be sent on request of most of them.


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