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Norman Bicycles

Post  mr.rabbit on Tue Oct 02, 2012 4:53 am

Somebody was very quick.The Veteran Cycle Club magazine came through my letterbox this morning and inside was an advert for a Norman bicycle.I rang up straightaway only to be told"sorry,I've just sold it" I have been looking for a Norman bicycle for years and years,long before I got my Norman motorcycle or Nippys and all I have ever come across have been ladies bikes.I have an old trade bike which came from Wye college and could be a Norman but am not too sure about it,so I am still searching for a gent's Norman.If you have one hiding in your shed,let me know.Paul


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Post  dannyc7147 on Thu Nov 08, 2012 5:11 pm

Let's see if we can sort this out. In my collection I've got two gents... as you say, they're very hard to come by. I've also got around 7 or 8 ladies now. We're trying to steer towards Nippy's instead now so after a chat with my wife we've decided to cull some of the collection off. I've honestly lost count how many bikes we've got in total, but we've got everything from a 1930's Raleigh Police bike to a Rudge, New Hudson, various Triumphs... you name it. The theory was to get rid of anything non-Norman to make space for the Nippy projects BUT I'm seriously considering letting one of my two gents go. What has put me off is that it's worth next to nothing in terms of value, but of course has the value of the spares on it which is why I think that you'd make a great person to give it a good home!

Now, before you get your hopes up, it's not a wonderful bike, BUT it's a gents Norman. My 1950 rod brake's my pride and joy that I couldn't let go... but I've got a 1960 cable braked version that I think I can.

I can email you some photos if you like, Gary's got my email address or just message me for it. Anyway, it's a nice bike. I bought it off of ebay and it had a really lurid handpainted green finish to it. A new set of tyres and black spray job later and it looked good enough to show, but the paint's starting to peel now and I'll be honest and say that it's yet another bike that I really don't have time to do anything with! It's got the Norman headbadge although at some point in its life a scar was put on it. Oh, also when I got it it had a 70's white plastic saddle which I replaced for an authentic late 50's Wrights leather one which matches the one on my 1950 bike. Nice bike, needs a good home. Does it sound like the sort that you're looking for or are you more interested in a rod brake model? Cool


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