Another new member saying hello

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Another new member saying hello

Post  Bill61 on Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:56 pm

Hello all.
My name's Bill, from Enfield Middlesex. I've just joined the site having just bought a Norman B2 Sports beautifully restored by an Owners' Club member. I feel a bit of a fraud not having done the restoration myself...

It's my first "proper classic" (oldest previous was a '77 Benelli single) and my first British bike, so I've got lots to learn and hope to do so.

The insurance want an agreed value from a third party - I don't have my Owners' Club membership number yet, and I'm told I may have to wait 'til May, but can anyone from the OC help with this please?

PS - I hate to start by moaning, but who designed this site?!


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